Recommendations for running gear, fuel, electrolytes and other accessories (Updated 2023)

When it comes to running, it can get as minimal as possible or as bigger as possible in terms of things that we buy. Let us see some of the basic things that most runners buy and see some brands to avoid confusion. I put together this list based on what I have bought and tried. Use this as a reference and choose what works for you. I am not endorsing any particular brand or manufacturer.

Note that we are not getting into the details of what are these, why someone uses them or how it helps running which you probably know or can research online. This is just a list of products.

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Energy GelsEnergy Drink PowdersElectrolyte Mixers
Electrolyte TabletsRecovery DrinksHydration Carriers
Chaffing or Blisters PreventionMassaging ToolsRunning Socks
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Energy Gels

Supplies carbs, electrolytes and sodium for energy to keep going.

1. Honey Stinger – Simple Ingredients and soft on digestion

2. Hammer Nutrition Energy Gel – Best taste

3. Maurten Gels – COACHES’ NEW FAVORITE!!!


Energy Drink Powders

Supplies carbs, electrolytes and sodium for energy to keep going. Just like gels but in the form of powder mix that you can add to your water. These can be used in combination with gels.

1. Heed by Hammer Nutrition

2. Tailwind

Electrolyte Mixers

Replenish electrolytes and salt that goes out with sweat during long runs. Mix one portion to a proposed amount of water and drink. For example, drop one tablet of Fizz or Nuun into 500ml/16oz water. Drink as and when needed.

1. Hammer Fizz

2. Nuun Energy

3. Gatorade Powder – Most known, comes in wide variety of flavors and sizes.

4. Special Mention: LMNT. My new favorite!!!

Electrolyte Tablets

Stronger than drinks. Replenish the electrolyte profile lost during activity: sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium

1. Salt Stick

2. Hammer Nutrition – Endurolytes or Endurolytes Extreme.

Recovery Drinks – Post Run

Formulated to nourish your body for accelerated workout recovery, these drink mixes enhance retention of fluids and electrolytes for rapid rehydration. Each drink helps you recover today so you can perform tomorrow. They contain a 3:1 ratio of complex carbs to protein that your body needs to feel refuel after a hard day of training.

1. Recoverite by Hammer Nutrition (Also available in Vegan)

2. Nuun Recover Hydration Mix

3. Tailwind – Rebuild Recovery

Hydration Carriers

There are different brands and types of hydration carriers. There are types like waist belts, hand-helds and vests. While the first two types can be enough for a supported race, vests are mostly for self-supported long runs. Pick your hydration carriers based on the need. I have all three types of them.

1. Nathan Speedmax Plus Flask

2. Ultimate Direction Clutch Handheld Water Bottle – 17 fl. oz.

Collapses as you drink.

3. CamelBak Flash™ Belt 17oz–Flash_Hydration_Belt

4. Ultimate Direction – Access 600

5. Nathan VaporMag 2.5 Liter Women’s Race Vest

Mens – VaporZach

6. Solomon Running Hydration Vests Recommendations for running gear, fuel, electrolytes and other accessories (Updated 2023)

Self Massaging Tools

1. Trigger Point Performance GRID Foam Roller

2. RPI Travel Stick

3. Theragun Elite

Chaffing or Blisters Prevention

1. 2Toms SportShield (Roll-On), Prevents Chafing & Blisters for 24 Hours, Sweatproof & Waterproof

Amazon Link

2. Bodyglide For Her Anti-Chafing Skin Protectant

For Her:

For Him:

3. Vaseline

Running Socks

Avoid cotton at all costs. Sure, you could safely make it through a three-mile recovery run in a pair that came from a 12-pack, but on hot or wet days you’ll find cotton absorbs an incredible amount of water and easily causes blisters. Merino wool, on the other hand, is a fiber you can wear year-round thanks to its ability to regulate temperature, move moisture, and resist odors. You’ll find it used in many pairs of performance socks. Most, however, use a mix of synthetic fabrics—nylon, polyester, and spandex—which offers good value and durability, and prevents irritation.

1. Injinji Run Lightweight No-Show

Unique five-toe performance design eliminates the friction that can cause blisters, and keeps your toes free for better feel and natural fit on uneven terrain. Soft, durable seamless construction creates a supportive, secure fit, a mesh top and COOLMAX® fibers help keep feet dry and cool, and a band under the arch provides support and stability.

2. Balega Silver Performance Runner Socks

Fend off odors and battle bacteria, fungi, and germs with silver ions and U.S.- made Drynamix Moisture management fibers. Keep socks from quitting and slipping inside your running shoe thanks to compressive arch support bands, hand-linked seamless toe design, and extra deep heel pockets.

2. SmartWool PhD®Run Ultra Light Micro Socks

The SmartWool PhD Run Light Elite Low Cut Women’s Socks provide a cushioned experience at the ball and heel of the foot, thanks to the Light Elite cushioning. The 4Degree Elite Fit System provides greater stretch while the women’s specific mesh ventilation zones offer excellent breathability and comfort. SmartWool material provides efficient moisture-transfer, as well as temperature and odor control.

Running Jackets

These are good for windy, light rain or just slightly cold weather.

1. Patagonia Houdini – Everyone’s favorite. Recommendations for running gear, fuel, electrolytes and other accessories (Updated 2023)

2. Solomon Bonatti Crosswind

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